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Add: No. 1068, Shaanxi Avenue, Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port
Zip Code: 300456

  Sunlon Group, as a major shareholder of Tianjin Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., has been focusing on the building of corporate culture. Zhenhua Logistics Group affiliated to China International Marine Containers (CIMC) has relatively profound culture deposit. Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry, as the inheritor of Sunlon and CIMC, shoulders the task of carrying forward the cultures of both Sunlon and CIMC, and develops our corporate culture progressively and creatively.
  Corporate culture for project construction period Since its inception on Mar. 3, 2014, Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry has attached great importance to corporate culture and propaganda. Sundon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry integrates both the shareholders’ cultures organically to extract our own corporate culture of the project construction period: “Satisfying You Wholeheartedly” and “Creating Wonderful Life with A Down-to-earth Manner”, which is posted in the meeting room of construction site.

  Corporate culture for official operation period
  Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry project was performed completion acceptance in May 2015. Since then, Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry entered official operation period. During the official operation period, Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry will continue to remain development and innovation of corporate culture, and determine the corporate culture of “Creating Wonderful Life with A Down-to-earth Manner”. Concretely speaking, make full use of cultural propaganda platform of Sunlon Group and Zhenhua Logistics Group, focus on cultural learning and exchange, and accumulate corporate culture of Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry to reflect Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry team’s cohesive force, fighting capacity and vigorous spirit; dig our own potential, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, and create characteristic culture of Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry; enhance cultural propaganda and advertise Sundon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry’s products and brand to harvest the material and spiritual civilization.