Add: No. 1068, Shaanxi Avenue, Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port
Zip Code: 300456

  Sundon Dongjiang Stockbreeding mainly deals in import and export trade of 13 kinds of stockbreeding products, such as livestock and poultry fodder processing, breeding stock and poultry, stockbreeding machinery, feed additives (microbial feed additives), alfalfa, oat grass, etc., and performs full-chain inspecting and testing services, including corn and wheat transgenosis, nutritional ingredient, pesticide residue, heavy metal residue, plant diseases and insect pests.
  Production and processing of fodder: including production and processing of fodder based on corn.
  Trade of fodder forage grass: including import trade and domestic trade of forage grasses and fodder raw materials, including corn, wheat, alfalfa, oat grass, etc.
  Trade of food raw material: including import trade and domestic trade of milk powder, sorghum, meat products (including cattle, sheep and pig).
  Import trade of livestock and stockbreeding machinery: including import trade of breeding stock and poultry (breeding cattle, breeding pig and breeding poultry) and genetic material (frozen semen and embryo) and related stockbreeding equipment.