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Feb. 4, 2015, 2015 Annual Work Deployment Meeting of Sundon Dongjiang Stockbreeding


Tianjin Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry  Co., Ltd. Liu Quan

  In the morning (9:00) of Feb. 4, 2015, 2015 Annual Work Deployment Meeting of Sunlon Dongjiang Stockbreeding was held. Chief accountant of Sanyuan Breeding and head of contact point of Sunlon Dongjiang Stockbreeding Yu Keming were present, and made a conclusive speech.
  General manager Zhang Zhiqing gave a detailed report on the completion of first-stage project. General manager assistant and project leader Jiao Chunming reported the work employment before the test run. Vice general manager Cui Xin reported major missions of the year 2014 on customs, commodity inspection and business and work plan of the year 2015. Director of international trade Hao Hailiang summarized trade work of the year 2014 on alfalfa, corn and other products, and reported trade work plan of the year 2015. General manager Zhang Zhiqing made a specific employment for the work during the Spring Festival, and organized the study of 6 documents of Sanyuan Breeding.
  In the end, chief accountant Sanyuan Breeding, head of contact point of Sundon Dongjiang Stockbreeding Yu Keming made a conclusive speech. Yu Keming conveyed major contents and spirits of the Workers Congress of Sundon Group and Sanyuan Breeding, and summarized corporate achievements of the year 2014 and corporate development plan of the year 2015 of Sundon Group and Sanyuan Breeding.
  Yu Keming also said: “Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry project is born at the right moment: Tianjin Free Trade Zone is approved successfully; Sundon Group and Sanyuan Breeding seize such opportunity of Dongjiang with strategic insight; a host of talents under the leadership of the management strive to build the project.” Yu Keming required that Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry shall adhere to work style and attitude of pioneering, devotion and unity, tolerate mutually, understand mutually and learn mutually, thus guaranteeing stable and long-term development of Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry .
  In the end, Yu Keming summarized that “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind. Make your whole year's plan in the spring and the whole day's plan in the morning. I hope that Sunlon Dongjiang Animal Husbandry is able to expand market to be better and larger, and hold together to realize “Prosperity from Dongjiang, Business throughout the Whole World”


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